Speaking + Media Requests

Looking to inspire your community to see the of the older generation?

I love encouraging groups of all with my story!

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Topics I speak on:

All Audiences
  • The Value of Wrinkles: A Young Perspective on How Loving The Old Will Change Your Life

Seniorcare Organizations/Professionals
  • Training Young Professionals to be Powerful Forces in Your Organization 
  • Creating a Strong Culture of Care in Your Organization
  • Serving AAPI Seniors: Insight from an Asian-American Caregiver


Caregivers/Family/Faith Communities
  • From Burdened to Blessed: Encouragement for the Caregiver
  • Professional vs. Family Caregiver: Which is Better? 
  • Building a Village 
Young Adults/Youth Groups
  • That’s a Super Power: Your Role in Caring for the Elders in Your Life

Recent Interviews/Events:

Podcasts/Radio Interviews
  • AARP Take On Today Podcast
  • AARP Interns Monthly Coffee Chat
  • DC Senior Resources Group Monthly Meeting
  • Carroll County Senior Provider Network 
  • Montgomery Hospice Volunteers
  • Caregiving During COVID Panel w/APIA Vote
  • OCA Virtual Summit COVID and Our Elderly
  • NAAAP  Caring for Aging Parents workshop
Faith Communities


"Isabel was extremely passionate in her message and was able to bring a realization about our aging and younger populations being able to connect on several different levels.  I would highly recommend her as a speaker to  healthcare professionals, families, and anyone in the healthcare community!"

Lauren Hickey, President of Senior Provider Network of Carroll County

"I loved having Isabel as a speaker because she is so open with her story and articulate about the science behind her suggestions."

Patricia Dubroof, Director of Community Relations at Assisted Hands Home Care
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Let's bless the older person in your life together.

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