A Call for Podcast Submissions: Open to those 65+

Your favorite older family or friend could be featured on The Value of Wrinkles podcast (launching May 2021). 

If you know someone who is 65+, we want to hear from them! 

Whether someone helps them record an audio clip or they record this themselves (using voice recorder app on phone), this can be a meaningful & fun project. 
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We are currently looking for voices to share practical advice for the younger adult. 

What would you want your grandchildren/younger friend to know? We also would LOVE to learn about what life was like when you were our age! Here are some suggestions if you need help:

  • What was your favorite food, music, activity when you were “our” age?

  • What kind of jobs did you have and what advice could they give to a younger professional?

  • How did you balance work and family? 

  • What type of adversity did you deal with earlier in life and how did you persevere?

  • Were you a parent? Were your kids picky eaters? Stories, tips, please!

  • What are the top qualities to look for in a future spouse?

  • How did you spend your summers? 

"Newsflash: every older adult excels at something."

Isabel Tom, The Value of Wrinkles (p. 85) Tweet

How to submit: 

Use an audio recorder on your phone to record the audio clip. Be sure to introduce yourself (name + age is a must!) in one sentence. Tell us something fun! Then share with us what life was like years ago, your insights, or wisdom! 

  1. The better sound quality, the likelier your clip will be chosen.
  2. The more practical or creative, the likelier your clip will be featured. 
  3. Stories are powerful tools to help listeners remember content. Share a story.

In the subject line, please include the name of the person featured in the audio clip. **By sending in your audio clip, you give permission for your voice and story to be shared on The Value of Wrinkles podcast. 

Listen to the podcast (coming May 2021)  to hear if your story is featured!  We cannot wait hear from you!

**In submitting your audio clip, you give permission for your voice clip to be edited as necessary and featured on The Value of Wrinkles podcast. 

If you are under 65, reach out to an older family member/friend. Consider – What can they teach us about the past? What can they teach us about life? These are the submissions we’re looking for!

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