5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Aging

I never dreamed of having a career where I’d serve older people. Nonetheless, God had a good plan for me and hooked me up to one of the best retirement communities around when I graduated from college. There are so many misconceptions about working in the field of aging, so I wanted to share with you FIVE reasons I love working in the field of aging. 

If you’re searching for a career or a NEW career, listen up! And you can also read the chapter titled “Real-Life Encounters” in The Value of Wrinkles to hear my personal experience working professional in the field of aging. 

Here we go:

FIVE Things I Love About the Field of Aging

  1. You make meaningful impact!

  2. There are opportunities to work and serve older adults using whatever gifts God has given you. 

  3. You gain perspective to help you care and love your parents/grandparents as they age.

  4. You learn how to relate to people who are different (don’t we all need that?)

  5. You work alongside other professionals who are some of the best–smart and caring all-in-one!

If this post peaks your interest, then be sure to mark your calendar for the events being held through UMBC’s Career in Aging Week 2021!  The FREE virtual seminars offered include “Catching the Wave of Opportunity”, “Tips for Successful Job Search”, and a panel called “Professions with a Purpose: Meet Our Heroes.” 

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