How to Maximize the Meaningfulness with Your Grandparents

img_3750_16377690139_oYou may get the opportunity to see your grandparents this beautiful season.  When you go home for the holidays, be sure to make a point to visit your grandparents!  It need not be a “Merry Christmas, Grandpa!” visit. It could be so much more, for you and your grandparents.  Here’s some ideas to make sure your visit is super sweet:

  • Talk to them, not about them with your family members.  Look at them and get them talking
  • Share with them things you did that day or recently that they may not know about. Ask them what they like about the holidays.
  • Know their volume (My grandma looks at people but often cannot hear what they are saying unless you are about a foot away from her).
  • Give them a hug or at least some form of sweet affection. Hold their hand.
  • Smile at them. Don’t make them think you were forced to visit.
  • Do something to help make their life easier. Ease their fear.
  • Bring them somewhere they love. To a lake, the grocery store, in the living room to her favorite chair?
  • Introduce them to something new. Tell them about some really cool new technology.
  • Ask them about old memories.
  • Do something that can bring back the old memories. Turn on some old music they used to dance to.  Bring out a familiar scent (apple pie?)

Would love to hear what makes your visits with grandparents sweet!

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