The Decades: Cheers and Challenges (10-20)

I’ve been talking to many of you about what decade you think is the best decade and I’ve enjoyed hearing all your thoughts.  To be honest, although I talk about aging and value the elderly, I still enjoy being young and was not really looking forward to getting past 30 or 40 before starting this blog. Will I be able to run when I have kids? How will I react to wrinkles? Will I start to lose my hair??

The reality check comes when you sit and think about it all.  Through hearing your insights and thinking about the “cheers” and “challenges” of each decade, I’m starting to remember that my perceptions and fears of getting “old” are influenced by society. So let’s really think about it and get going on the next decade.  Again, these are just some thoughts on being 10 to 20 years old, so please feel free to chime in and share your thoughts. Happy Wednesday!

10-20 years


  • You possess a whole lot of energy!
  • Adventure is your middle name.  Your body hasn’t started to feel any aches or pains and so you’re willing to try new things without having to risk too much.
  • You may have to take out the trash, but you don’t have to pay the mortgage. Your responsibilities are still minimal and adulthood probably hasn’t bogged you down yet.  Enjoy it.=)
  • Growth! – You are starting to grow taller, get stronger, and this is a time when you get to learn and try new things.  Your artistic side is emerging or your athletic abilities are coming through.  You have fresh new talents developing!
  • It’s time to develop your own style – During this time, you’re starting to figure out who you are, what you like to do, what you believe, etc.  Scary but exciting at the same time.
  • You still have your whole life ahead of you! Hopes, opportunity and more.
  • Your metabolism isn’t slowing down yet.  You’re eating Doritos all day and not gaining a pound.



  • Fighting for freedom – During this time, you want to gain more independence, but that tends to be difficult when for most of this decade, you can’t drive and you don’t have money.
  • Peer Pressure – When you reach the teens at least, it’s important to be popular.
  • School – You can’t change your job, because your main job from 10-20 years of age is to go to school.  Wake up early, do homework at night.
  • You’re not that cute anymore. To add to that, pimples start developing and you’re in the awkward stages.
  • Thinking about the future- As you near college age, there is pressure to do well.  Parents start pushing their kids as they are thinking about college choices, college scholarships.
  • Your parents are stressed out – From what I remember, I fought with my parents a lot during this time.  Part of it was because I didn’t listen, but the other half I truly believe is because they were working the hardest to support the family financially, they were trying to figure out how to parent teenagers and fit in everything else, and they were just tired in general.
  • You don’t quite know who you are yet – While developing your own style can be fun, it’s also stressful and you start to question. Who am I??
  • Nothing is really YOURS yet.  Your mom says “As long as you’re in my house, you’ll follow my rules. Everything you have was probably purchased by someone else. Unless you started working early….


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