What I’ve Learned About Life Through Mom

Some people sit around and think that the older you are, the less life there is to be lived.  Let me introduce you to my mom because she has definitely shown me otherwise. On Friday she came back from a trip to South Africa.  She’d never been there before, but a few weeks ago, her coworker friend asked if my mom would like to accompany her on a trip to South Africa.  It was last minute planning, but Mom quickly “signed” up and just like that she went.   Sounds like something only young bucks do, but think again.  It doesn’t have to be like that.

If you’re going to age successfully, my thought is that you’ve got to pursue your passions, be adventurous, and try new things no matter what age you are.  While my mom is only in her 60’s and not considered the old old, I am convinced that in twenty years if you check back, she will still be actively living her life.     When she was 40, she started swimming and joined the Masters team at YMCA.  When she was 50, she started skiing and since then has skied at almost all the local slopes and travelled to Colorado and Canada to try out their slopes as well.  When she was about to turn 60, she mentioned that she was trying to think of a new hobby to start up for the next decade.  In short, it’s hard to keep up with her. 
You’d never know and I often forget, but my mom at a young age was in an accident where a lawn mower ran over a few of her fingers.  For years she has been “handicapped” in that way, but I often forget. Why? Well she never wallows in what she cannot do, but instead counts her blessings for what God has given her and I am so thankful for that.  Losing physical abilities is something that many people experience as they age and it can often lead to depression or a decrease in self worth.  I understand how that can happen, but then I think of my mom and remember that it doesn’t have to be that way.  
Now that you know a little bit about my mom, here’s the card I gave her for Mother’s Day 2011.  Cheers to mothers out there and for the things that you teach us in life.  Many thanks.

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